Surf Fiction Limited Edition
with 2 Pigment Prints
photography, edit & design: Werner Amann
published by
edition of 300, signed and numbered
205 × 270 mm, 82 pages, softcover
5c digital o set, at-opening sew binding
ISBN 978-3-00-047639-6

plus 2 Pigment Prints:
Secret Place und Venice
~ 24 × 36 cm, printed on Tecco Glossy Baryt 300g
limited edition of 50

EUR 310 shipping inclusive

“SURF FICTION is a bravely photographed and fiercely original visual essay,
equally forthright and understated in effect, that codes and decodes styles
and techniques and compounds them into a condensed statement.”
– Markus Frehrking


Secret Place (24 × 36 cm)


“Once viewers have adjusted to the speed and flow of SURF FICTION the flood
of photographic images will wash them through the book.”
– Thomas Seelig


Venice (24 × 36 cm)